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Premier Face Painting for Events


There is NOTHING typical about it our face painting at Painted Phoenix Events!! Our master painters are amazing!! Our artists have been instructors to other face painters around the world, and they are available to paint for you at your event!


Although face painting is typically geared towards the young and young at heart (children), many of our artists are not only incredible face painters, they are also trained in SPECIAL FX, making teens & adults wanting our painting almost as much as the kids!! If you will have many adults that would like to have more mature type transformations, please let us know during the booking process so we can prepare appropriately!

At Painted Phoenix, we offer THREE different types of face painting in order to PERFECTLY facilitate your event!

When booking, please clarify which type of face paint you prefer, or ask our recommendation which type would best suit your needs.

Premier Face Painting Face Painting is excellent entertainment for parties & events. Face Painting with Painted Phoenix is also an amazing tool for Corporate Marketing like restaurant Kids Nights!


With STANDARD FACE PAINT, everyone loves to watch the transformation from a face to a piece of art. Standard Face Paint is best used for indoor events to prevent the face paint from smearing and looking messy. Easily removed with soap & water, or even baby wipes.



Airbrush Face Painting is FASTER than traditional Face Painting. It is INSTANTLY DRY by they time we are done painting, and it is WATER PROOF for those days you want the designs to ENDURE & LAST, making it SMEAR-PROOF & SWEAT-PROOF for those days the kids might be running around or out doors!! An EXCELLENT choice for outdoor parties, bounce houses and dimes where durability is A MUST! Airbrush face paint is EASIEST removed with waterproof eye makeup remover, or eye makeup remover wipes but can be removed with soap & water (Airbrush face paint comes off even easier with soap and water when the person painted has loads of fun, sweat or even swimming!!).



Special FX & Prosthetics is a much more mature version of face painting!!  we gear this is more towards the teen/adult market.  We incorporate both traditional and airbrush PLUS, prosthetic appliances to create a definite vibe for your event.  You can tell us the theme and we can bring an assortment of different kinds of prosthetics like different Elf ears, different kinds of horns, Pixie noses, feline noses, monster facial elements etc.  While we are at the party, we then have clients pick from the different prosthetics they want applied where we use professional, medical grade adhesive to apply the prosthetics and then use makeup to blend it into the face!

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For the safety of our VALUED clients, we use only FDA approved cosmetic grade makeup to face paint with.


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