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Airbrush Tattoo for Party Entertainment



Airbrush Tattoo for Party Entertainment Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are great for people of all ages!

Temporary Tattoos Temporary Airbrush Tattoos make excellent party entertainment!

It seems like centuries ago when we at Painted Phoenix Events got our start when we did our first Temporary Airbrush Tattoo, revolutionizing the entertainment industry, and we plan on staying Leaders of the pack! Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are one of our #1 requested service, and is loved by young and old alike, regardless if we are offering Traditional Airbrush Tattoos or Our Premier Tattoo Parlor!


So what is a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo you may ask?

Well a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo is basically when we take a stencil of the clients intended design, and then we use an airbrush to spray alcohol-based makeup over the stencil to get the design requested.

What’s the difference between Traditional Airbrush Tattoos and Free Style Airbrush Tattoos?

Traditional Airbrush Tattoos are what you will typically see at a party where the artist will airbrush tattoo ink over a stencil to get the desired design. A “Free Style Airbrush Tattoo” is where one of our Master Artists take design requests from clients and free hand airbrush the designs without a stencil (it could be a design or a name). Even if someone wants a stencil design, the Free Style Artist will still free hand details around and in the stencil design, like shadows, highlights and different accents to make sure the design really POPS!! This requires a MUCH HIGHER skill level than a typical airbrush tattoo artist.

Do you recommend Temporary Airbrush Tattoo instead of face painting?

That’s a TOUGH question.  We whole-heartedly LOVE face painting, but it is totally different than Temporary Airbrush Tattoos.  While face painting can be very artistic and loved by many, Temporary Airbrush Tattoos do have some advantages.  They are MUCH faster than face painting so we can do more tattoos an hour.  Also, face paint can smudge and smear when sweat is present or if a child were to rub it.  Temporary Airbrush Tattoos can be applied very fast, and when finished with powder, it will not smudge or smear on the rest of the skin or clothing.  Additionally, although many adults like to get face painted, the “GENERAL” age range is typically 3-12 years old… maybe… as opposed to Temporary Airbrush Tattoos, EVERYONE of EVERY AGE loves getting a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo.

Who would LOVE Temporary Airbrush Tattoos at a party or event?

Children who might not sit still long enough to get their face painted LOVE Temporary Airbrush Tattoos, teens LOVE Temporary Airbrush Tattoos since it might look a little more cool than getting face painted, and adults LOVE it because they can live wild for a few days with a rock star tattoo, or remove their tattoo whenever they want!  Basically, there is NO age group that doesn’t want a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo.

What kind of an event would you recommend having Temporary Airbrush Tattoos?

If you are having a small group of people over for a get together, a HUGE block party or even a national event, we recommend having Temporary Airbrush Tattoos!  We do Temporary Airbrush Tattoos for everything to preschools, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, restaurant kids nights, fundraisers, concerts, holiday parties, and we have even been requested over and over to do Temporary Airbrush Tattoos for nursing homes and long term care facilities!!  Basically, if you are having any amount of people over for any size of get together or party, you will want Temporary Airbrush Tattoos!!

How long will my Temporary Airbrush Tattoos last?

EXCELLENT QUESTION!  We tell our clients that they can expect their Temporary Airbrush Tattoos to last anywhere between 3-5 days, but depending on the location of the tattoo, and how well it is taken care of, it is possible for it to last well up to 7-9 days.

How many and what kind of designs do you have?

We have well in excess of 2000 designs, however, we typically bring between 50 to 300 designs to an event unless otherwise requested.  We find that when too many designs are offered at a time that people get confused and can’t decide which tattoo to get.  Within those designs we have just about everything from the typical hearts, butterfly’s, flowers, dragons, Chinese Kanji, skulls, sports, cartoons, tribal designs, tigers, and much much more.  If we don’t have a design on hand, we can custom cut a design with advanced notice.

How do I take care of a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo?

Basically, the more you powder it, the longer it will last.  You can easily remove it with alcohol (or oil).  If you want your Temporary Airbrush Tattoo to last longer, we recommend putting baby powder on your tattoo several times a day and avoid scrubbing it while bathing or showers.  Chlorine in pools/spas can degrade it if it is exposed for long periods.  Also, EXCESSIVE sweating can wear the tattoo down (since there is a lot of oil in sweat).  Areas where there is sweat, oil or friction (like clothing or shoes) can also wear down the tattoo quicker.  The areas of the body that are have the most dry skin will allow the tattoo to last the longest. [/toggle]

Is the Temporary Airbrush Tattoo ink safe?

YES!!  We simply refer to it as “Temporary Airbrush Tattoo ink” for entertainment purposes, but it is indeed an alcohol based cosmetic.  It is regulated by the FDA and is of cosmetic grade cosmetic materials.  Alcohol based makeup has been used for decades for special effects in movies for its durability, we are simply re-purposing it for it’s entertainment value!  There are many companies that will use airbrush paint on the skin, but that paint is supposed to be used for textile purposes only!  We keep Painted Phoenix Events want to stay above reproach and will only use products in a way they were intended!  We will never use inexpensive airbrush textile (or acrylic) paint on the skin regardless if their bottle says NON-TOXIC.  Just because it says NON-TOXIC DOES NOT mean it is okay to use on the skin!

Can Temporary Airbrush Tattoos be applied to the face?

Although alcohol based makeup was originally used for special effects and was indeed applied to the face, we don’t typically recommend it for parties.  Although alcohol based makeup is safe for the face, we typically discourage it because it is a much more durable cosmetic and we prefer to avoid having parents who may not be at a party find their child later with a “tattoo” on their face and not be able to figure out how to get it off.


AIR TATS Everyone loves a great Airbrush Tattoo

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