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Airbrushed Shirts, Clothing and Items

Personalized Airbrushed Shirts, Clothing and Airbrushed Items

It seems not so long ago when someone asked Liz, Can you make airbrushed shirts or airbrushed items? and she replied “Sure no problem!”  Well my father said that it isn’t lying, it is just telling the truth in advance…. Needless to say, Airbrush Clothing is WAY more of a challenge than airbrush tattoos but over the years, we have it down to a science!!  Our Custom Airbrushed Items are a great addition to any party and serve as EXCELLENT PARTY ENTERTAINMENT and a great PERSONALIZED take home gift to the kids and even adults if you choose.

Airbrushed shirts We can custom personalize Airbrushed Shirts or clothing. An Airbrushed Shirt makes excellent party entertainment and give aways for your guests!

What kind of different Custom Airbrushed Shirts do you offer?

We offer many entertainment services, the most popular are#1 Airbrushed Shirts/Airbrush items (shirts, hats, hoodies, boxers, etc) and the other is #2 make your own black-light glow shirts.

What is the difference between the two options?

With option #1, we personally AIRBRUSH ITEMS or AIRBRUSH T SHIRTS at your event (Airbrushed Shirts is a skill that takes MANY years to even begin to master). With option #2, we bring the clothing and black light sensitive products for the kids to decorate their shirt how they would like. NOTE: Option #2 is NOT Airbrush Clothing.

What kind of clothing or items do you use and what is it’s quality?

All our T-shirts are either Haines, Anvil or Gilden (Please not that our shirts are HIGH GRADE quality and are much more durable than an undershirt quality). We can also airbrush Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Shorts, Boxers, Tanks and much more!! We can also offer brand name clothing like American Apparel and Next Level. If you are looking for something specific, please and and we’ll see what we can find!

Do you offer other airbrush item designs that the ones you list here or show up on your website?

“We have more Airbrush T Shirt designs that we could ever list or show! We typically bring a variety of the most popular designs, about 10-15 to choose from at the event such as rock star, drums, peace sign, sports, hearts, butterflies, etc. If your party has a specific theme, or if you have a design in mind, please ask and we just might have it. If we don’t currently have a specific airbrush T Shirt design, we can even custom cut the design template with advance notice (BEFORE THE EVENT). We can produce or reproduce any of our designs in any color scheme.

How are the designs custom airbrush for each person?

After each person selects the basic airbrush design for their item of choice, they then select something personal written on it, perhaps personalized with their name, nickname, saying or jersey number, etc. In addition, all our airbrush paints are black-light active so they will GLOW under a black-light.
**NOTICE: We do NOT offer inappropriate designs for parties, nor will we willingly airbrush any inappropriate sayings, content, profanity or the like.

How do I care for my custom airbrush T Shirt? Will the color wash out?

At Painted Phoenix Events, we are PROUD to say we are currently the ONLY company in South Florida that actually brings an industrial heat press to your event. This allows us to heat press the design into the airbrush t shirt, curing the ink into the fabric giving you great memories for years to come! Most other companies that can airbrush on clothing will not heat set the clothing at your event. If this is the case, you can expect 50%-60% of the pigment to fade out in the first wash, leaving your artwork instantly faded and washed out! once your airbrush clothing is heat set, you can expect it to slowly fade out like a standard quality transfer.

Of course you SHOULD still care for your personalized airbrushed shirt! We recommend treating it like a nice screen print, washing it inside out with mild detergent in cold water. It is ideal to let it air dry if possible. The BEST way to care for the clothing is hand wash and hang dry.

What can I do in advance to prepare to make sure everyone gets an airbrushed item at the party?

We ask for a list of names before hand to make sure that no kid is left out and that each kid only receives one item so there is enough to go around for everyone.

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