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About Us

Painted Phoenix Events was started by Cliff and Liz Turner, and for years the couple have revolutionized the entertainment industry!  Starting off with Airbrush tattoos, followed by Face & Body Painting, then eventually into airbrush makeup, Airbrush clothing & items, eventually growing into a full one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs (Event planning, decorations, magic shows, carnival games & rides, etc)


Liz Turner



We affectionately refer to Liz our Queen Bee, Busy Bee, Chatty Kathy, Social Butterfly,  the brains of the operation, and ever other pet names when she is out of range to hear us LOL!  One of the true Floridians, she grew up locally here in South Florida!  Although she loved art growing up, she never thought she would be doing it for a living, but look at her now!

She met her husband Cliff Turner in college where she was smitten by his dashing good looks, charm and witty sense of humor!  Needless to say, her degree in Psychology has NOT gone to waste!  Her energetic personality is infectious and wether you want to or not, you gotta love her, making her the perfect person to head up Painted Phoenix Events!  Liz got to play with an airbrush some in high school, but it wasn’t until later after learning to face paint that the airbrush sunk it’s teether into and didn’t let go.  She started with airbrush tattoos, but Liz has become an industry leader and consultant in all areas airbrush including airbrush face painting, airbrush clothing (and items like towels, basket balls etc).  Pretty much, if it will stand still long enough Liz will airbrush it… and even sometimes when it wont sit still, she is inclined to chase it down and airbrush it anyways just for kicks!


Cliff Turner


Cliff Turner, a Native American from New Mexico and was raised in an artistic family, has become an amazingly talented artist and internationally recognized name within the makeup, airbrush and entertainment industry. Cliff has revolutionized the art of airbrush makeup and face/body painting & FX and has become one of the leading experts in Airbrush Makeup!! In the past couple years alone, he has been working on ads for the Oscars and doing national ads for jeans, underwear, jewelry, fragrance and makeup companies. Cliff is recognized as a much in demand make-up artist for weddings and corporate events as well a sought after body painter at clubs and private parties.

He is married to Liz Turner who is a major part of the airbrush department at the Face And Body Art International Convention (FABAIC). Their company, Painted Phoenix Events, specializes in coordinating special events, decor, hiring face painters, and airbrush makeup, tattoos, and clothing.

Together they own Phoenix Inkx, a leading manufacturer of top of the line alcohol base makeup (Airbrush Tattoo Ink) and recently launched the Phoenix Inkx brand of water-proof airbrush face paint. They are true pioneers in the airbrush industry. Cliff is an all around fun guy who no matter how busy he is still makes time to play with his 3 kids and volunteer at their school. His warm nature and kind presence adds to his appeal as one of the most sought after makeup, airbrush and body painting artists.


Our Super Stars

In addition to Cliff & Liz, we have an amazing & talented staff!  Of course they all love it when Liz tells says “Hey everyone, this weekend I need you to dress up like Harry Potter to do a job at Hogwarts” … but SOMETIMES Liz will come up with something crazy and say “I have cow print aprons for everyone this weekend” OR “Ben, I need you to take your shirt off and let us paint our logo on your chest!” and our staff is amazing enough to agree.

Ben is a good sport! Queen Bee Liz with Cynthia & Coral Robert's been on the Naughty list! Cynthia as the Henna Princess. "I love owls!! They taste like chicken"


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